Lockheed Martin wins military satellite contracts from The Pentagon worth $342.6M

Lockheed Martin Space Systems achieves yet another milestone after the company has been contracted by The Pentagon to manufacture the Space-Based Infrared Systems GEO 5-6 satellite (SBIRS) and buy the necessary materials to build its seventh and eighth GPS-3 satellites. The deals are worth $342.6 million.

As part of the missile defense program of U.S Department of Defense, SBIRS delivers satellite-based global infrared surveillance capabilities that can immediately detect missile launches on Earth. Lockheed Martin, a leading global aerospace, defense, security, and advanced technology company, was originally tasked to construct two GEO satellites, and was then contracted again to build the fifth and sixth GEO satellites.

Lockheed is already working on an earlier GPS contract worth $62 million which was given this month, for the company’s work on the fifth and sixth GPS-3 satellites. The GPS 3 system aims to enhance position, navigation and timing services, as well as deliver advanced anti-jam capabilities. This, in turn, will produce superior system accuracy, reliability and security in the U.S system of GPS satellites.

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